Eco Highlights

Trujillo Beach Eco Developments is committed to a "green" development. The points below highlights our beliefs, principles and the way we will develop this project.

  • All construction will be integrated into the natural area
  • The units will have an open concept design that will allow air to flow through the units to save on electricity
  • We will use solar power as much as we can in our facilities
  • We will use solar water heating in our facilities
  • We will encourage the use of solar energy throughout our development
  • We will explore the use of windmills to produce energy
  • We will encourage use of the land for growing local fruit and vegetables
  • We will purchase fresh produce for the resort from local growers
  • Salt water will be used in most of the pools
  • High efficiency lights will be used in all our facilities
  • Low flow toilets and low flow faucets will be used
  • We will be capturing and using rainwater for watering the gardens
  • We will be protecting the on-site wildlife such as monkeys and other exotic birds
  • We will be implementing a recycling program
  • We will be implementing a towel reuse program in the resort
  • We will be implementing a water recycling program in the laundry room of the resort
  • We will use environmentally friendly cleaning supplies
  • We will use a water irrigation system and a recycling compactor
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