• Can foreigners own beach-front land in Honduras?

    In order to encourage foreign investors, the Honduran government issued a decree in 1990 allowing foreign nationals to freely own coastal land in Honduras. Furthermore, we are able to structure your purchase so that any purchase of 1/4 of an acre or more may be held on to for several years before you must action it - for example; building on the land or selling it.

  • I have heard that many countries have different ways of purchasing or leasing the land, what type of ownership is there in Honduras?

    This is a fee-simple purchase meaning you will receive 100% fully deeded ownership. Once your purchase is complete and the land is transferred into your name, you will receive an ownership package complete with your registered deed. You may then have a home built on the land, hold it for investment purposes, or resell it without
    any restrictions.

  • How does land closing work? Do I have to physically be there to take possession?

    As a majority of our owners are living in North America, we have created a seamless purchase process involving, HSBC Bank and one of the most widely respected Honduran law firms. Once you choose your favourite lot, the rest of the process is taken care of for you. You do not have to be present in Honduras for closing, our lawyers and notaries are able to process all documents for you - ownership documents will be shipped to your door shortly after your closing date.

  • What options do I have for building on the land?

    As this purchase if full title - it is very flexible and can be catered to your exact needs. The easiest way to have your dream beach-front home is to choose one of our turnkey models. Using Architect Crespo, one of the most reputable firms in the country, we have provided you with the perfect hassle-free way to customize on of our homes at an incredibly low cost. Should you wish to have custom home built to your blueprint, our architects will work with you to get your ideal beach home just right. You also have the freedom to build your own home if you so desire.

  • Can my property be rented out and maintained while I am not there?

    This is a private, gated, resort community which means that your property is looked after while you are not there.
    As it will be sitting empty during that time, you have the option to gain revenue via rental income during those
    unused periods. You can rent it out privately or have our on-site rental management company rent and manage it
    on your behalf.

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