• We were in Honduras last January (2010). We stayed in La Ceiba where our hosts were gracious enough to pick us up and take us on the road trip to Truillo. The drive was too beautiful to begin to describe and very interesting to say the least. We found the vast property to be beautiful and very well planned out. We liked the idea of the gardens for fresh produce, the planned walkways, horseback riding (not for us but delightful for those who will partake) and, of course, the green aspect (taking care of our planet). The idea of having a restaurant and a resort right there is all so exciting. Our hosts and drivers were so nice and friendly. We had a wonderful time and had a lot of laughs and came back with good memories. We liked everything so much, we BOUGHT TWO LOTS. We are planning on going there this winter to see how things are going and just to enjoy the beautiful country, the mountains, the waterfalls, the lush tropical setting and the wonderful people.

    Bev and Frank,
    Lots A9 and 27.

  • My wife & I purchased 2 lots in the early spring of 2009. Our experience with Recap Investments continues to be a positive one. They have always replied to questions in a timely fashion and gone out of their way to supply pictures and information to help make my wife and I comfortable with the ongoing development of the site and surrounding area. In addition all communications and bank transactions that occur when you purchase land in a foreign country were handled very professionally by Felipe Danzilo and his legal group. All in all we look forward to building our 2nd home in Honduras very soon.

    Lots 14 and 16.

  • Having never been to Honduras before, I was unsure of what to expect. I'd seen pictures and had an idea in my head; however, once I arrived, the beauty of the country surpassed all of my expectations! The scenic drive to Trujillo from La Ceiba was breathtaking. My tour guide was very friendly and knowledgeable. Once we arrived to the development itself, I immediately fell in love with the property. The greenery and the private beach are like no other. The vision of the development has been well thought-out and I look forward to spending much time at my new Caribbean property. I have received my deeds and I am happy. I am also looking into being part of the commercial opportunity on the development.

    Lot A13.

  • We purchased a 1/2 acre beachfront lot in phase 2 of the Trujillo Eco-development in June 2010. I had some reservations about buying a property sight unseen (apart from the on line photos) but I was drawn to the concept and vision that was presented on the Trujillo website. In speaking with David and other Recap personnel, I felt that their integrity and their commitment to deliver on their promise was genuine and sincere. I had looked into other beachfront property elsewhere in Central America and by comparison Trujillo seemed very affordable. I felt that this was an opportunity I should not pass up.
    Any reservations I may have had evaporated when we made our first visit to the area in March, 2012. This part of mainland Honduras is still somewhat rural, but unspoiled, undeveloped and spectacularly beautiful. We were met warmly by Nicole and Carlos at the airport in La Ceiba, and were taken to our accommodation at Villas Pico Bonito just outside of town. We spent 2 nights there, and were picked up at 9am by our "tour guide" Jose who drove us from La Ceiba to the Trujillo development (about 2 1/2 hours). The 8k dirt road from the main highway into the development was a "bit rough", with abundant fruit bearing palm trees along the route.
    We had an enjoyable and entertaining day with Jose. He truly was our "personal tour guide". He gave us a thorough overview of the local culture and of our property in particular and graciously accommodated all of our requests with a smile. The infrastructure for Phase 1 (underground electricity, water, street lights) was fully complete and the lots well marked, not unlike a Canadian development. The roads were crushed gravel (not paved) but in my view very solidly built and perfectly suitable. I was impressed that Recap chose to install their own central septic system to which homeowners could simply hook up to....a much more appealing and effective option than installing individual septic tanks. And all the lots were deliciously close to that beautiful beach.
    I saw about 3 attractive (completed) homes in phase one. I also met the project engineer and the architect Javier Crespo at one of the home-sites currently under construction. It was a helpful meeting. They were both quite open and responded to all our questions with enthusiasm...determined to ensure that we understood and were satisfied with their responses. The level of competence and professionalism that I saw certainly gave me the confidence that I could comfortably entrust our home construction to them.
    We then spent a few days near Trujillo, enjoying the idyllic setting and swimming at quiet, pristine beaches against the backdrop of mountains and rainforest. Pretty nice!
    As a result of my positive first experience with Recap at Trujillo, I subsequently purchased 2 additional lots (sight unseen) at their Playa Lagarto development on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. My dilemma now will be in choosing one of the developments on which to build our dream retirement home.

    Phil and Penny Jacques,
    Lot B22.

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