Real Estate Investment Property in Honduras

Why Invest Now?

A Honduras real estate investment property is like investing in Costa Rica seven years ago:
It's the right place at the right time. The continuous initiatives happening in Honduras has made a dramatic impact on the countrys economy and has also been a catalyst for other foreign direct investments.

All these driving factors will result in the following:
  • Creation of thousands of jobs in the next 5 years
  • Increased tourist activity
  • Opens up the area to major investment
  • Increase in property values
  • More funding placed into essential services and infrastructure
  • Fully developed coastal property
  • Increased economic growth
  • Diminishing supply - increasing demand
      • 260 million baby boomers to retire in the next 10 years
Here is a quick glance of all the investment initiatives in Honduras:

Hong Kong in Honduras - The Chartered City Proposal

  • Government initiative to turn Trujillo into its own governing municipality
  • Redevelops the entire area in terms of Infrastructure and services overnight
  • Similar to Hong Kong under British rule
  • Update (9/22/2012): Construction to begin in the next few months
Construction begins in the next few months

Honduras is Open for Business - National Investment Program 2010-2014

  • Major government initiatives underway for social and economic improvement
  • Over $6 billion dollars allotted to the improvement of the country as a whole
  • Set to promote Honduras as the most attractive investment opportunity in Latin America
  • A strong focus being held on the "Emerald Coastline" - La Ceiba to Trujillo
  • Similar to what happened in Panama

The Banana Coast Cruise Line

  • Addition of a Cruise line terminal in Trujillo
  • Will feature a 50,000 sq ft. shopping centre on a 10 acre beachfront site
  • Ready to receive first few cruisers at the end of 2012
  • Similar to what happened in Roatan

    Resulting in:
  • Increase in land value
  • More tourist entering the region
  • Top diving and tourist destination worldwide
  • 800,000 cruisers expected this year. 4x Costa Rica's number
Construction Updates here...
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